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The Cayman Islands national minimum wage has been rubber stamped and came into effect on 1 March 2016. The minimum wage advisory committee proposed a minimum wage of CI$6.00 for the Cayman Islands in 2015 and this has now, officially, been accepted by the Government.

What are the key things to know?
• There is no grace period.
• The minimum wage must be paid to all employees except those service employees of an employer who has a gratuities scheme
• Any employer who has a gratuities scheme in place that has been approved in writing by the Director of Labour and Pensions must pay service employees a minimum of CI$4.50 per hour gross directly from the employer
• The minimum wage payable is applicable to every hour worked within a standard work week or standard work day, depending on the defined pay period
• No employee, including service employees, live in household domestics, and commission based employees, must receive less than their respective National Minimum Basic Wage when the employer calculates their sick, vacation, maternity or any other applicable leave.

A copy of the minimum wage order can be found here and the advisory committee’s report, here

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