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Sheena is a challenger of “business as usual”. She helps brave business owners to succeed with integrity, authenticity, purpose, and legally. Sheena has worked with a diverse collection of organisations: a national airline, an industry-leading international hospital, offshore law firms, a multinational financial services company, and a growing culinary group, to name a few. From change management to strategic HR to total HR reform, her bold and progressive approach as an experienced HR professional, facilitator, and mediator, has transformed organisations in the Cayman Islands and around the world.

Sheena has served on boards and bodies, written for publications, and contributed to community-focused causes.

Ultimately, all of Sheena’s work is about helping people to make a positive difference in the world through their business, and hitting all bottom lines.


Janet Johnson is a management consultant with over 10 years Strategic Program/Project and Business Management, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Organisational Leadership.

Janet’s experience spans the US and the Caribbean in various industries with a track record for improving organisations’ performance through Project Management delivery, with a focus on Organisational Leadership and quality standards.

She also specialises in Project Management Offices (PMO) implementation and development, Project Management coaching and mentoring, strategic planning, new business development, and quality audits.