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First Resource works for forward-thinking organisations whose work is significant and far-reaching, is open-minded, and committed to success.

Clients who are brave are willing to challenge the status quo and want to do great things without compromising values of authenticity, integrity, transparency, purpose, impact, and caring.

Clients who are open-minded are willing to act and think differently and are keen to discover innovative ways to achieve goals.

Clients who are committed to success believe that the bottom line includes commercial dividends and community focus.



Everyone at some point in life manages a project, whether or not they realize it. While most use ad hoc methods, it is important to note that the various processes in formal Project Management can generally be identified at some level. This leads me to believe that learning Project Management basics would be beneficial to most people, as they plan event in their daily lives. Project Management planning would help to provide structure, and offer ways to improve time, quality, and price, while managing the risks and scope of the project. Now who wouldn’t want that? The Project Management Institute has defined projects as any temporary endeavor that is undertaken to create a unique product or service; the key criteria